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At Technocrats, we have been R:Base database developers since 1985 and have worked with every version of R:Base beginning with R:Base 5000. R:Base is extremely powerful, allowing for the creation of sophisticated database applications. Power users will enjoy the command-line feature (the R> prompt) that allows you direct access to your data without having to work through a graphical interface or application program. Behind the scenes, R:Base uses a sophisticated data dictionary, providing a level of data integrity that is simply not present in many database systems.

We understand database design, and we have the R:Base development experience to help your project succeed. We can help you modify or update your current R:Base application, or develop new R:Base database applications. Existing data to move? We also have the data conversion experience to help you bring your data into R:Base.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help.

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