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Information Management

External Information Resources

Information is the modern grease for today's business machine. The digital revolution has brought even more elements of data into your hands than ever before. We are literally inundated with data from a variety external sources. Keeping up, much less staying ahead, is actually made more difficult by this wealth of data. How do you keep it all straight? How do you know what to keep and what to ignore? Your business may be collecting huge amounts of data in the hope that it will someday magically gel into a useful form. Data is not, however, information.

Technocrats can help you solve the problem of data overload by helping you manage your data and transform it into information. From custom database design to helping you search the World Wide Web for data that your business needs, Technocrats can make it happen for you!

Internal Information Resources

Whether big or small, your business generates huge amounts of data everyday. Some of this data is placed in little manila folders and filed in large metal containers, static and unused forever. Some data is compressed into small balls and filed in small, round metal containers. Other data is diligently entered into your computer system where it remains dormant. Or worse, your company is not capturing data that could prove useful. Having huge, or small, pools of data locked in file cabinets or useless datafiles doesn't really provide solutions to your information needs. In order to utilize this data, it must be filtered, processed and organized. New tools need to be acquired and/or developed to meet the challenge of doing business in the information age. Technocrats can help you solve your data storage and retrieval problems by analyzing your information resources and focusing them to meet your information needs. We can help you mine your data and unlock its valuable potential.

Information and the Internet

Today's businesses are clamoring to be counted among the ranks of those accessible via the World Wide Web. The quantity and quality of data being placed on the Web daily is astounding. Trends and fads are instantly recorded and available for review, new products are unveiled and stock market forecasts are readily obtainable. Your competitors may be putting information about new products that you don't know about yet, out there for you to read. You may not even know who all of your competitors are, but they're on the Web, complete with products and pricing. What data may be out there that impacts your business? How do you find it? What do you do with it when you have it?

Technocrats can help you safely traverse this Web of Information. We can show you how to find it, how to store it and how to use it. Its free, it out there, your clients have it, shouldn't you?

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